‘How to get a job in PR’ : Book Review

When I was approached by my university to write a review on Sarah Stimson’s, ‘How to get a job in PR’ I thought it would be another book just telling us, as students, that we need to get a first in our degree and just try and get our foot in the door. We have been told the same things time and time again, and don’t get me wrong they are true but do they really help us as stubborn students?! When starting to read Stimson’s book I felt a complete different vibe from what I normally feel,

I felt at ease and like I could fully grasp what she was advising us!

Throughout the book I was writing to do lists for my Christmas break and felt really inspired to really get out their and start my path to being a PR professional! Sarah’s book felt different not only from the relaxed and ‘dumbed-down’ language, but that you really felt she wanted to help you. From advise on what roles entail what to what you really need to do to get noticed! I would advise every student studying PR or interested in PR to read this book because it will definitely reinforce a passion for communications and encourage you to strive for the job you want!


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